Monday, February 13, 2012

Golden Wisdom and Liquid Magik: Mind-altering Urophagia In Ancient Druidic Ceremonial Practice

There is significant speculation that the hallucinogenic qualities of the famed Fly-Agaric mushroom (Amanita muscaria) were used for spiritual purposes by the Celtic and Pre-Celtic peoples of Ireland and Northern Europe particularly among the shamanic, ruling and warrior classes. It is said to have been of great import to the Druids who used the mushroom to communicate with what they saw as the realm of spirits and understood its powers as a gateway from this world to the next. Its association with the Fae is why we often today see the red-capped fungi portrayed in art of mystical themes.

Fly-agaric was referred to as the ‘Flesh of the Gods’ because it was believed that direct communication with the deities could be attained when it was consumed. The fungi posseses two toxins which are responsible for its psychoactive and hallucinogenic aspects. To minimise its side effects, it would be processed for consumption by being dried, made into drink, smoked or fashioned into ointments.

The Druids consumed the processed mushroom to ceremonially induce shamanic trances. Prior to event, care in preparation was of utmost importance and part of the ritual. The Druids purified themselves by fasting and meditating for three days, drinking only water and sometimes small amounts of herbs.

The ritual taking of the substance would allow them to attain altered states seen as doorways into the otherworld. Normally the Druid would be the only one initially authorized to take such a “trip”, but sources claim that he may not have been selfish with its benefits. It is what occured after the ingestion that seems of particular interest.

With the body having been purified, the first urine expelled after consumption was highly psychedelic. Through ritualized passing in what was an ancient form of urophagia, sources state that the lower ranked members of the clan or village would be allowed to capture and drink the urine of the Druid as the active chemicals from the Fly-agaric would pass unchanged into the golden liquid. The Druid also may have consumed his own urine and/or that of the other males of the circle or his rank at the time to enhance or create ultimate magical effect. A portion of the piss was sometimes stored for later ritual and may also have been used in beverages or potions.

The effects of drinking the urine would be that of directly eating the mushroom, therefore the euphoria attained could be shared. No one is sure how many times it was recycled via urine, but it is believed that the experience was considered so divine by the people that it could have been done so many times.

Celt men of the warrior class are speculated to have imgested the urine directly as it passed from the Druid’s body as to gain immediate and utmost power. They were also believed to have taken the urine – either from that which was saved or from a pre-battle ritual - before heading to war, as another of the agaric’s effects can be suppression of fear. The Celts were notorious for their fearless rages in battle, which could have been influenced by their consumption of the magic elixir. Many observers called them the ‘Bezerker Warriors’ from which the modern saying “Going Bezerk” evolved.

The warriors are thought to have also drank their own urine and that of their comrades in order to prolong or enhance the effect and carried it with them in battle and on journey. They also may have sometimes combined their urine concentrating it by partial freezing and ingesting the unfrozen liquid for a heightened hit…

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Arousal Of Min: Ancient Time of Mesore Celebrates The Egyptian God Of Sexual Potency

In ancient Egyptian culture, this time celebrates the Emergence of Min - the love neter - the most beloved emanation of Amun the Creator.

Min’s headdress of tall double plumes and his large erect phallus proclaim his prowess as the principle of generative energy, fertility/virility and the masculine divine. God of male fertility and protector of mines and agriculture, he is master of the routes of the oriental desert and his principal places of worship were Akhmin and Qeft.

Min was associated with Pan (phallically) by the Greeks. In lore he is shown typically as a standing male figure with an very erect penis wearing a narrow sheath and raising his right hand to hold the flail while the left hand is either holding his erection or hidden under his garment. Some works show both hands holding his penis. In this imaging, by his connective association with Pan and through the evidence that one of his symbols/offerings was a long lettuce which had a sap similar to semen, he his thought to portray - and thus serve as patron of - masturbation. The lettuce was regarded as a powerful aphrodisiac and huge bunches of its leaves were ritually eaten in Min’s honor at festival time (other days as well) in the hope that increased stamina and potency would result. Men would ingest as much of the sap as possible, partaking in hopes that Min would honor them with copious amounts of semen, powerful erections and great sexual skill.

He appeared in pre-dynastic times. Sometimes referred to as son of Isis and also as her consort and father of Horus and primeval creator god manifestation of Amun. The festival of Min was held to ensure potency thus associated with fertility important to this time of Mesore. This period is a critically important time of calculation and preparation for the annual Nile flood and each year a week of mystery rites is enacted, leading to the major time marker of the Summer Solstice.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Silver Chalice Day: Bonding In the Name of The Horned One

Today is Silver Chalice Day celebrated in some Neo-paganist and Wiccan traditions.

Friends and brothers may gather to rejoice and share a traditional silver chalice of wine consecrated by the circle in the name the Horned God.

The Moon is considered favorable for handfastings, bondings, wiccanings and sexo-spititual affirmations during the Gemini month of late May through June.

Male circles may celebrate this day with seed sharing amongst their brethren. The circle joins in a vigorous session of mutual masturbation which offers bonding brother to brother. Each male then spills his essence into the chalice consectrating the wine.

A blessing is given to the Horned One by each man who then partakes of the elixir of his brethren...

image courtesy: Mikel Marton

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pan-Sexual: Festivals For The Horned God

This week celebrates Feasts of the Horned God - Cernunnos/Herne (as antlered) in Celtic tradition and Faunus/Pan (as goat-horned) in Graeco/Roman tradition. Interconnected observations of the Horned God in his multi-manifestations may occur for many who claim him as their patron. The Horned One is known as the primeval God of male sexual vitality. In Celtic tradition Cernunnos is/was feasted on 18 May where virility was celebrated among men. In Graeco-Roman culture the week-long festival of Faunus/Pan, called “Panalia” by some sources occurred.

In ancient times, these festivities were a paean to male sexuality at its best. Arcane historical references claim that men celebrated by dancing nude, sometimes while wearing gigantic, stuffed or specially fashioned phalluses for emphasis. They were said to have engaged in a variety of sexual activities - including masturbation (with abandon) because Pan was the God of the act and a full range of androphilic (male/male) pleasures as the emphasis was on the masculine aspect. Ithyphallic (erect) statues were especially popular.

These events are further evidence of what has lyrically been called the "lusty month of May" which starts with the fests of Beltane, May Day and others. The phallic celebrations of the Panic feasts correlate in contemporary times with designations of May as "Masturbation Month" and other lusty associations for this time of year. It is likely that this has been influenced by more than merely the good-natured intentions of few instigators in the adult-oriented industries, although they may likely have known of the month's sexual connections.

With the full Moon in Scorpio which is opposite the Sun in Taurus. The month potentially owes some of its sensuousness to the Moon in the sign that rules sexuality, at the same time that the Sun is in the sign ruled by Venus. Alchemically and esoterically, the Scorpionic power of rebirth and transformation, beginning at the Full Moon, combines with the earthy tenacity and drive of Taurus and the sheer beauty of Venus to lend this season its uncommon juice, stamina and eroticism.

The emphasis during this time was/is the manly element in life - relationships of brotherhood, celebration of fertility, sexuality, prowess, the joy of the male organs and their issue and bonding wherein the Horned One is recognized as a protector of men, an instiller of potency and the progenitor of the masculine divine through life…

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mercuralia: The God Of Masturbation Is Honored

Mercuralia is the celebration known also as the "Festival of Mercury". Mercury was thought to be the God of merchants and commerce as well as the patron of masturbation. On 15 May, merchants would sprinkle their heads, bodies, ships, merchandise and businesses with water taken from the well at Porta Capena. But some believe they would sprinkle themselves with another liquid as well.

The Greeks and Romans thought the god Mercury (Hermes) invented masturbation and taught it to his son Faunus (Pan). The Greeks called it thrypsis, "the rubbing," and in Latin it was known as masturatus. Obscure sources suggest that although not a part of the public proceedings, men would masturbate in honor of Mercury on this day because of the belief he was the creator of the act and that doing so would bring virility and sexual prowess. Given that May is now known as masturbation month, an auto-erotic experience could seem an appropriate Mercuralia observation. Here is a solitary observation in honor of Mercury on his day to assure copious semen...

Materials Needed:
* A candle or candles (bright red or gold to represent colors associated with Mercury)
* Container of spring or purified water (to represent the liquid of purification)
* A small bough of laurel used to sprinkle
* A wooden bowl
* A small flask of pure, mineral oil
* Black Olives in offering to Mercury
* A quiet ritual space where you will not be disturbed

At sunset, begin by lighting the candle(s) and invoke Mercury by reciting:

Fleet-footed Messenger of the Gods, You make our eyes glaze afire,
O Desire, From thee we feel the flush in our eggs, down between our legs,
Great one, teach us to seize our hoary sleaze, with pleasure if you please,
Let us fill our fists by thee, And bring us all the way on your holy day,
In all your many faces, And your speedy paces, Come down from Mount Olympus,
Race across land and sea on winged feet, let us masturbate by thy way!...

Take the laurel branch and rub it against your genitals stimulating your penis and marking it with your scent saying:

Come of the spring and fill my testes with endless seed,
Come on your day and bring thy gift for us to know,
Come to me and bring life and lust to my phallus,
Come as I stand before you naked and erect,
Come bless my spunk and my spark"...

Pour spring water over the laurel branch and sprinkle it over your head, naked body, penis and testicles while meditating for Mercury to bring potency, strength and good fortune through the upcoming months. Place the olives in the wooden bowl and set them forth. They are gifts and are sacred to him. Begin full masturbation ritual in your favored way and length of time/method. Rub, massage, prime your penis and testicles with the mineral oil to full, maximum erection - working to assure you become as intensely hard as possible - an honor to Mercury. Proceed for as long as you wish to fully express yourself including extended "edging" if that is your desire, all the time using the oil. As you masturbate during your session, think on the power, importance and potency of the semen in your testes (which you are preparing to spill) for his blessing. During your session partake of your pre-cum - the delicious nectar - further feeding your desire. Take as long and employ whatever methods you choose to assure that you achieve ultimate stimulation. Upon orgasm, capture your semen in the wooden bowl ejaculating on and saturating the olives therein. Next, take the offering you are giving - the olives covered with your seed - in your hands, hold them up and say:

“This is my gift to you,
for you have given many gifts to me,
You have made my seed potent and much,
This symbolizes my pledge to you.”

Then consume the coated olives taking the energy and power back into your vessel. Drink of the spring water and say a prayer of thanks to Mercury for good fortune, bountiful water, virile and copious semen and for the gift of masturbation...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Eat The God: Cernunnos Salad Is A Potent Mix

"Sacred Sun... Move your Garden! Shades of One, since forgotten" ~ Dead Can Dance

In the celebration of Cernunnos, it is often realized that his hoary essence is present to stimulate us in the least and sometimes most unexpected of things. The following recipe lets us partake of the Horned One with a nourishment which can call forth his potency. It has as its main ingredient dandelion greens which are known to be tonic and restorative. They are a general stimulant to the body but especially for the genitalia to which they are believed to impart health and vigor. Based upon the similarity of dandelion juice to human ejaculate and the resemblance the spiked leaves of the plant often have in shape to antlers or horns, it was historically believed that it was of the God and that its milky secretion was representative of his semen. It was known to magically (and perhaps literally) promote the flow of sperm. The greens themselves were thought to impart sexual vitality. The virile aspect of the recipe is further enhanced and personalized when dressed with a delectable concoction made of the male essence. You may find this healthy dish worthy of serving as a part of your ritual/celebratory fests.

"Who will feast with me? From my loins comes the yield of Heaven, The universe is eager like the sun, The blossomed flower is full and strong.

Who will sup from me? From my loins comes the fertile gift, The forest sees me spring forth, The field evidences my potent seed" ~ Draedus

Cernunnos Salad


• One large bunch of fresh dandelion greens, cleaned and dried
• One half bunch of Romaine lettuce
• Two small apples, cut into ¼ inch sections, married with lime juice
• One large beefsteak tomato
• One half large white onion
• One whole bunch fresh mint, chopped
• Extra lime juice
• One pinch dried basil
• One pinch dried oregano
• ¼ cup lightly toasted almonds, pecans, walnuts or pine nuts
• One Tbsp fresh Semen
• Three Tbsps extra virgin olive oil
• Black pepper to taste
• Parmesan cheese to taste
(Optional - One cup soft tofu (cut into one and a half inch cubes, sliced again in the center and marinated for one hour in the refridgerator, with balsamic vinegar, and one inch of ginger root smashed)

Directions: First, toss dandelion greens, Romaine lettuce, apples, tomato, onion, mint in large salad bowl. Mix in the olive oil, lime juice and semen. Sprinkle in basil and oregano. Mix thoroughly. Plate. Add nuts as a garnish. Add black pepper and parmesan cheese to taste. Collect the dandelion leaves before they flower. Wash well before using. They are completely edible, like orchid flowers.

Things forgotten or taken for granted may impart benefit and can be erotically delicious. Thanks be the God!…

Image courtesy: QUEMAS

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sughaim Sine: Ritualized Homosocial Nipple Sucking In Pagan Ireland

Ancient Celtic culture is typically lauded for such things as storytelling, mysticism and warrior fierceness. Mistakenly, however it's not been broadly known for its eroticism. Something we know to be a historical oversight at the least.

It wasn't always like this. In ancient times, the Celts were widely renowned as much for their erotic energy and prowess, multiple love affairs/sexual liaisons and androphilic activities, as for their warlike habits. It is known that male warriors were often part of 'sodalities' or groups of "special friends". They engaged freely and openly in same-sex relationships and participated in a variety of acts for pleasure and bonding. Ancient Greeks such as Aristotle and Strabo mention Celtic homosexuality as one of the few good things about what they considered a barbarian culture. Diodorus Siculus chronicled his impressions writing ---

"They are accustomed to sleep on the ground on animal skins and roll around with male bed-mates on both sides. Heedless of their own dignity, they abandon without qualm the bloom of their bodies to others. And the most incredible thing is that they don’t think this is shameful. But when they proposition someone, they consider it dishonourable if he doesn’t accept the offer!"...

A particularly succulent example of this fluidity is perhaps exemplified in the adjunctive early Irish practice of homosocial nipple-sucking or what today can be called "sughaim sine". This typically male act stood for many things in the pagan culture of the times. In one aspect, it was used as a way to pledge loyalty, devotion and submission for a king. Among common men, it was an expression of friendship, greeting, reconciliation, affection, fealty, protection and not surprisingly, some sources suggest, sexual stimulation and pleasure.

While Ireland was still a pagan culture, Christianity was taking hold in Europe and North Africa. Christian philosophy increasingly taught that all sexual ways were physically harmful and that sexual abstention was the wisest course. But the tradition of "special friends" and the importance of physicality, affection and sexual expression did not die out. It was an essential part of the culture. An old Celtic saying holds, "A person without a soul friend is like a body without a head."

Though Irish monasteries in the Dark Ages between the years of 600 and 1200 CE tried to control the sexuality of both the clerics and the converted, the privileges and benefits of soul friendship could not be destroyed. The delectable habit of men sucking on each other's nipples to affirm friendship (particularly after a quarrel) seemed indelible and was slow to change.

There are multiple references or implications regarding the practice but detailed information is spare. The most notable account is in an oft omitted passage of St. Patrick's 'Confessions' wherein he says ---

"On the day I arrived the ship weighed anchor, I explained that I had the wherewithal to sail with them. And that day, furthermore, I refused for fear of God, to suck their nipples. (A Pagan custom of friendship) Nevertheless I hoped that some of them would come to faith in Jesus Christ (for they were heathen). This displeased the captain who answered sharply, with anger “Your wish to travel with us is quite futile”. And when I heard this, I left them in order to return to the shelter in which I had lodged, beginning to pray as I went. Before the prayer was finished, I heard one of them, who shouted out to me “Come quickly these men are calling you”. I returned to them immediately and they began to explain to me: “Come, we will accept you in good faith. Bind yourself to us in whatever way you wish” Because of this I was received amoung them and we set sail straight away"...

Patrick was citing the prevalence of pagan practices and in doing so he was making the obvious point that the Ireland in which he had been a slave was largely un-christianized. Since he does not explain the significance of the incident, its meaning is taken to have been evident to the readers of his day. This suggests therefore that the custom was widely accepted and well-known among Celts. By declining to participate, Patrick denies pagan practice and in turn gives us an idea of how deliciously unrestrained the Celtic/Pagan world may have been.

Archaeological bog discoveries in Ireland have corraborated the "sughaim sine" practice in another of its aspects. The subjects of ancient Irish king’s ritually and routinely demonstrated their submission by sucking on their ruler’s nipples - some believe perhaps in a nursing-type, group and/or perhaps erotically intended way. It is theorized that there may have been royal reception days when the king exposed his nipples for his "court" in order to facilitate sucking for a large group. In a potentially more macabre element, there appears to be have been power games in the nipple hierarchy. Cutting off a royal descendant's nipples made him ineligible for kingship. Not as subtle as poison, but undeniable evidence of his unsuitability for a kingly role. No nips, game over.

Perhaps the King's nipples were most important when celebrating fertility compacts, in the festivals where the King was wedded to the Earth (Goddess). His kingly role required him to keep nature and society in equilibrium. A little nipple sucking would surely increase his self-esteem, stimulate him thereby enhancing his virility and help him on his way to essential potency. But if he failed to keep everything fertile he could be dispatched. Such is believed to possibly have been the case of the bog men.

The practice is also referenced mythologically within the tale of King Fergus mac Leite. Lore says that the King, after returning to his own land, falls asleep on the coast near the sea. Small people appear who carry the king without his sword into the water. It might be inferred that they want to abduct him to their own ‘land’ under water. This ‘foreign’ invasion threatens the king and thereby the land. When his bare feet become wet and cold, however, he awakens in time and grabs three of them. In order to save themselves they offer a pact, which is introduced by a ritualistic exchange of words and is sealed by the mutual, prolonged sucking of nipples. Thanks to this agreement, the king receives a charm with which he can survive under water - a kind of ‘passport’ to travel in the ‘foreign’ lands under the waves and is forever nipple-bonded to the small men.

The nipple motif even reappears later after the Christain era is in full swing showing again the importance of "sugere mamellas" within the culture. There is reference of holy men suckling neophytes relatively late in Irish hagiography. This seems significant in a metaphorical sense as a spiritual act of imparting the perceived grace and teaching of Christ through the symbolic acts of nursing and bonding. This information relates to the role of saints of both genders. However, it is notable in that the nipplage of male saints is cited equally in their place as nurturers of the early Irish church meaning that the "nursing" of male breasts was acceptable. This suggests the continuance of the tradition, albeit in a post-pagan, Christianized configuration...